Building to have an enduring impact on our community and the lives of people within it.

Our Mission

We strive to be the most talented and disciplined group of professionals that manage construction processes with creative problem solving and value added services while building enduring relationships within our community.

Palmisano Contractors + Crescent City Crossfit

Palmisano Contractors has partnered with Crescent City Crossfit to structure a Corporate Wellness program that is all about empowering employees and America’s workforce to be healthier, happier, more productive, balanced and all-around well individuals. We do this not only through CrossFit, a functional fitness program for people of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities, but also through a holistic program aimed at enhancing quality of life for employees in the workplace.

Our corporate wellness program is an employee-incentive program that focuses on helping employees with things such as:

+ Incorporating work-life balance into their daily lives

+ Becoming more productive in the workplace through quality (not necessarily quantity) hours spent on the jobsite (ie. Working less but doing more), as well as decreased absenteeism

+ Engaging in fitness that is fun and enjoyable, with the added benefits of accountability and community

+ Learning and practicing stress management techniques + Receiving nutrition education and guidance

+ Setting (and achieving) both personal and professional goals

+ Addressing lifestyle factors that are counterproductive to one’s health and quality of life

+ Fostering social relationships and a friendly atmosphere in the workplace, and one’s personal life

+ Enhancing the environment to be one that employees look forward to being in, not dreading a long work day

+ Preventing illness and chronic conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, cancer and other diseases

+ Educating on body mechanics, posture, stability and mobility to improve body aches and pains

+ Most importantly, providing a direct resource for engagement in meaningful occupations in life—both inside and outside the workplace