Palmisano Contractors work hard and maintain a “whatever it takes” attitude to ensure that every client is a satisfied client.


December 2015

We work with many general contractors all over the country, most are not anywhere as organized and on point as Palmisano.

JOAN MITCHELL CENTER Owner’s Representative

September 2015

I have been in the development business for over 25 years and have been involved in hundreds of millions of dollars of development/construction projects. Palmisano Contractors’ recent completion of the Joan Mitchell Center Artist Studio Building concludes the best experience I have ever had with a general contractor.  Your team’s expertise combined with their attitude toward teamwork and working with the client, architects, and other consultants made this the best job I have experienced.

From pre-construction services to construction close-out, [the project team] and all the folks in the background brought the highest level of professionalism and expertise to this job. I cannot recommend Palmisano Contractors highly enough to potential clients and architects.

Thank you for your expertise, your team and their attitudes regarding how a construction job should be executed for everyone’s benefit.


September 2015

We feel that we were fortunate to have worked on a team with you on the Joan Mitchell Center’s new Artists’ Studio Building. We designed a fairly complex building, consisting of a mix of structural systems with complicated non-orthogonal triangular roof shapes, as well as a complex skin system, and you all made it a reality.  From the beginning, Joey Cardwell (VP), Brad Shannon (PM), and Glen Austin (Site Superintendent) carefully studied the drawings and became as familiar with them as we were.  The whole construction process was professionally managed, from paperwork to construction.  We could not have asked for better professionals to have taken on this project.

But beyond the beautiful building you helped us create, this was an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. It was evident from the first construction meeting there was a team atmosphere. Your group didn’t “take over”.  They understood that everyone involved had an interest and felt ownership of the project, and we all had equally important roles to play all the way through. When there were problems, your team always had suggestions and a positive attitude.  All suggestions were considered until the best solution was found and implemented.

The Palmisano team brought knowledge, experience, and people skills to the project.  Many other architects will enjoy working with you as much as we did, and hopefully we will have a chance to work with you again.


June 2015

Palmisano Contractors was outstanding to work with.  They were very professional and super-organized.  They were always team players and cared as much about the final product as we, the architects, and the owners did.  They worked hard to help us find solutions to Owner requested changes and were always helpful in solving day to day detail issues to the betterment of the overall project.  We hope to be able to continue working with them on future projects.


August 2015


In the automotive field, the thought of undergoing a major construction project in and around a busy working environment brings thoughts of anxiety and tension.  The experience with Palmisano Contractors was awesome.  They worked extremely well around customers and staff to ensure they had as little impact as possible, communicated well to everyone involved, and kept competent Superintendents onsite to oversee the work.

The entire crew was professional, courteous, and highly skilled.  It was a big project and we are delighted with the result.  We would recommend Palmisano Contractors without reservation.  Any future projects we do at Best Chevrolet will definitely include Palmisano Contractors.


November 2014

The Arlene and Joseph Meraux Charitable Foundation Board of Directors is very pleased with the work of Palmisano Contractors LLC on the construction of the Arlene Meraux River Observation Center (AMROC) on the Foundation’s Docville Farm campus in Violet, Louisiana.

Palmisano realized our vision for an environmentally friendly building that would serve as a multi-use facility for the St. Bernard community.  The project was a great success, with Palmisano excelling at all phases of construction, including schedules, quality control, communication, budget, and administration.

Not your typical building, AMROC was designed to compliment the surrounding farm structures, incorporate many LEED-friendly features, feature a fifth floor river observation deck, house offices, and offer large meeting spaces.

From the first test pile to the ribbon cutting ceremony, construction could not have gone more smoothly, and we are very happy with the results.  The building was erected incredibly quickly, and visitors consistently share how impressed they are with how fast AMROC was built.  In spite of the speed, the quality of the building is excellent!

Palmisano was outstanding in their workmanship, and their careful attention to detail is evident in the finished product.  It is with full confidence and pleasure that we provide this letter of reference for any organizations in need of their services.


November 2014

Through my experience with Palmisano Contractors on various projects to date, I wanted to take the time and let you know that it has been a pleasure working with your team.

From preconstruction to punch-out and every step in between, PC’s professional manner and work spoke for itself.  Shared clients were delivered a well- constructed product within budget and on time.  With an eye towards emerging technology and a younger, well trained and organized staff, I am convinced PC will continue to be a top notch contractor in the greater New Orleans area for a long time.

I look forward to future work with you.


November 2014


Brad, Ashton and Jace were great to work with and remained professional throughout the process. Jeff and Wes’ preconstruction efforts were creative and successful. The team overcame several challenges to ensure delivery. All the hard work is greatly appreciated.


April 2014

Palmisano Contractors has proven to be a strong addition to our team at Plaza Tower.  Wesley Palmisano was an early addition to our team, and his guidance through the architectural and general contractor interview and selection process was invaluable.  His expertise across a broad spectrum of construction issues helped direct our team’s focus to specific solutions for some challenging components of this redevelopment.  Wesley’s strengths in refining hard and soft cost budgets, and in scheduling, delivered needed organization to our process.  Across the board, Palmisano Contractors has been a positive force in helping us achieve our development goals.


March 2014

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for work performed by Palmisano Contractors and give my full recommendation. In the fall of 2013 we were put into the impossible situation of having to build out a high-end retail jewelry store within 10 weeks (Black Friday was our deadline). The designs were almost complete, but our previous general contractor was going to be unable to perform the work. Wesley and his team were recommended to us as someone who may be able to accomplish what we thought could turn out to be impossible. Wesley immediately started working on finding subcontractors who would be able to perform the work, even before any paperwork changed hands. Within a week we had lined up a team of subs to put together this highly customized, very intricate jewelry box we refer to as our gallery at Canal Place. The work was performed with professionalism, attention to detail, and a seemingly limitless amount of energy and motivation. Our store was open to the public two days earlier than we had agreed to as the deadline, thereby exceeding our expectations and increasing the return on our investment! The follow up and correcting of any minor issues has happened on a timely basis, and without any pause or question as to responsibility or cost. I appreciate all that they’ve done for us, and all they continue to do for us.


March 2014

I am really enjoying working with your team.  The crew is responsive, professional and care about the project and quality of work.